SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club offers individual, family, and group plans. We can design a membership for you as an Employer, Group Manager, or Association Manager.  SG Resorts works with groups and associations on a National and International basis designing plans that are “Branded” to the Group or Association while offering the  Sponsoring Entity the solution to the common problems shared by all Groups and Associations.

SG Resorts designs Travel Benefit Programs for you with key benefits such as:  (1) No cost to the sponsoring entity (2) allows the sponsoring entity to offer a priceless value-added service with a benefit to all existing members as a “living benefit” the membership will  appreciate and use (3) provide the sponsoring entity a value-added service to attract new members or employees with a living benefit everyone can appreciate and use (4) the sponsoring entity can receive a new revenue stream for each new member that takes advantage of the sponsoring entity’s “Living Benefits Program”.

Below are videos outlining the current Group and Association Plans that are available today for certain groups such as the Teamsters, First Responders, Hospital & Health Care Workers, Casino & Hotel Workers, as well as various Unions, Municipalities, and Church Groups.

For more information about the “Living Benefits Program” available to you or your Group, we invite you to call (954) 483-4987 to schedule an appointment with one of our Group Specialists.